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"-"Ca va .... Juste une frayeur ... Je somnolais ..... Comment est l'eau?....."Elle réalisait que sa bite avait diminué de volume-"Un peu froide?....... " lui demanda-t-elle avec une certaine impu-dence.-"Juste un peu fraîche!... Tu veux partir?....." la questionna-t-il s'emparant de son drap de bain pour se sécher.-"Hummmm ... Non pas encore .... Ces rats viennent de partir dans cette direction .... En outre nous devons terminer la deuxième bou-teille!..... On ne va pas la gaspiller tout de. "Come, Howie, undress yourself and get in."As I slipped between the covers, she reached out to me and pulled me close then reached up and brought my head down to her breasts. I again began sucking them as I felt her hand again wrap around my penis, pulling it back and forth. After a few minutes, she turned facing me, put her arms around me and rolled onto her back carrying me with her.I was now on top of her and, as she spread her legs, I was also between her legs and I realized exactly where. "Yeah, they're great," I said back."Then what's wrong?" Its just....nevermind." I replied.We went on eating our dinner in silence. "I need to take a shower before I go out tonight so can you wait to start the washing machine?" I asked. On second thought, a cold shower might have helped me think about something other than my dry spell. "Sure, honey" my mother said back. She could tell something was wrong, and knowing her, wanted to help.I went down to the basement and flipped on the water in the. "But the naked dinner companions idea seems to be a hit with our customers," replied Ivan, his assistant manager."Yes, but I see signs that the customers are becoming jaded."A few months ago, the idea had become immediately popular. A man or woman customer could, for a slight additional fee share a table and dinner with a beautiful young woman, who also happened to be completely nude. Of course after the meal, negotiations could continue for sharing her company in more private quarters.After.

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