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"It wasn't meant to be." I should get back," she sighed. She closed the door as I wandered back home."What's wrong?" Mum asked as she noted my despond...ncy."David and Alice are getting married." That's good news isn't it?"I glowered at her. "He gets to be the first to kiss her, the first to fuck her, and now he's taking her from me forever." PAUL!" she scolded. I walked past her up to my room and locked the door.A tentative knock drew me out of my brooding melancholy. I opened the door and let. "My last 'man' wasn't good enough, he lacked in the size department" as she said this her eye fell on my crotch. I tried to speak but she held her fingers to my mouth "ssshhh don't speak just yet, I know you are 18 now and you've been watching me!" As she said this she took a slight step back and seductively looked over herself. "Now, this could either go very well for you or not. Basically I need cock!"I almost gasped at this, her fingers still on my mouth. "I'm going to check your hardware!. As he pulled into Joan's driveway, the door opened and she came out. Alex's jaw almost visibly dropped open. His soon-to-be ex-fiancee was stunning! She was wearing a dark red mini-dress that clung to her body like a second skin. The hem stopped several inches above her knees but still covered everything – at least it did while she was standing. The dress was complimented by a matching pair of heels."Damn," Alex said aloud to the empty car, "she's going to make this hard."She opened the door. All he cared about was her moist, full lips sealed around his stiff cock. He guided her mouth to the head of his cock and pushed her head down his meat, all the way to the base, driving it down her throat. His mom’s eyes closed and she moaned as she took his cock inch by inch deep in her mouth. “Look at me when you suck my cock.” He growled. His mom immediately closed her lips around his entire cock and feeling his hard length slide in and out between them was fuckin’ incredible. Their eyes.

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