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He has a short fuse.Also, a 25 year man never saying no to their father's request, yes thereis something wrong with that. He has no backbone. Also, I ...ever heard yousay you got spanked." While girls do not get spanked when they misbehaved, they do not react toit the same way.It really hurts them emotions to be hit by someone who isstronger."Austin looked at his son sniffling and holding back the tears "And Johnnyis not hurt emotionally right now." He will be over it, Johnny is my tough little. I think Rob would be excited to see me in the uniform. He's already mentioned that we'd be doing lots of role playing with me wearing the uniform. Rob likes to role play and likes me to wear costumes when we have sex. He says it keeps it interesting. He also likes to play with toys and enjoys tying me up sometimes. He likes me to be submissive and be his little doll. I like playing the part because it makes him happy. I just want Rob to be happy and continue dating me. My friends are all so. Sam kept on joking about it the whole night, he even made a fake certificate that said "jugs of the year 2013" which he tied to a string and gave her to wear for the rest of the party. On the way home I found out why she won, while in the car he leaned over from the back seat and grabbed my girlfriends boobs, I reacted in shock "dude that's taking it too far" he laughed and said"But that's why she one, both had great looking tits but hers felt a lot better" turns out sam had a lot of fun. She’d made him do things that he wasn’t comfortable with, even though she knew that he had wanted to fuck her from the moment they met. It was her fault, she thought, that she’d held back from him for so long and then, when they were both thrust into a situation that neither had really expected to be in, she’d sucked on him, let him titty-fuck her and had offered her pussy up to him. It had to be a case of too much, too soon. She thought briefly about talking with her mother about the situation.

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