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They had built the cars from mid-50’s to late 60’s.“I don’t know a lot about Mercedes, but this 300SL Coupe was a big deal. This is the car th...t changed Mercedes image from that of a boring family car to a sports car company. They made these from the mid-fifties to the late sixties, but I don’t know how many. I know they offered them at a discount to American GIs in the late fifties, but that’s about it.” I said, shaking my head.Grandpa Jessen had a poker face, so I wasn’t sure if I had won. She opened my bum cheeks , the vibrator burst back into life the tip was being pushed inside me , it went in so far then stuckShe pulled it out , a few seconds later she pushed it in again , it seemed more slippery then before, she then pulled my tights and knickers up over my bum her hand pulled outThe tights and knickers holding the vibrators firmly inside me, she then pulled the tights and knickers higher the vibrator moved deeper inside me Do you want to cum she asked I noddedI heard. The assault between her legs as it struck again and again on her holes, lips, and tender clit was too much to handle and she fainted.When she awoke, she was completely confused. But it only took a moment for her memories to flood back and she was suddenly awake again with a start. She became immediately aware of her bonds and the cold, wet rubber lying motionless on top of her tummy and the bottom of her breasts.Without warning, the machines fired up. She was relentlessly sprayed with hot,. Visions of fanged toothed creatures drifted in and out of his troubled dreams when he was awakened by a forceful tug to his BVD’s. In the subdued light, he could barely make out a huddled figure tugging at the last vestiges of his modesty fervently.“What the hell . . .,” he mumbled.“I thirst . . .,” came the plaintive reply. Stan’s blood instantly ran cold and he froze, as the last fabric was pulled away from his torso. The rush of cool air on his genitals was quickly replaced by the.

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