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I came to realize that Jennifer considered herself "the first wife".My lowered male sensitivities missed most of the subtle early signs of a female play. Looking back, of course, the sequence of events and the final outcome should have been readily foreseeable.Immediately upon joining our camp Brittany seemed to have inherited the scut work. I assumed that she was attempting to show she could fit in and ultimately to please me. She took over the fire detail, cleaning detail, and did all. A littledopey Andrew assumed that the spots were a natural consequence ofdropping off to sleep with Do on one breast and Rei on the other.Blinking a few times Andrew recognized that her breasts should haveprobably dried by now. The dummy suits were also sleeping peacefully oneach side of him. Inspecting her breasts more closely they seemed to beleaking something milky. Which was weird.Andrew recognized that sudden lactation was probably a major glitch inthe suits. Which raised the specter that. His ability to use a column mounted gearshift also startled her- most people have never used one and choke on it, if they even knew how to drive a stick shift car in the first place. Chex seemed to like him a lot more then she had liked her ex- Chex drove well and responded to him. Chex always balked and choked when her husband was driving; it would send him into a rage. She trusted the car’s instincts on who to trust and who to put her faith into; it seemed to always know best. Just like it. Just under an hour later we showered separately, dressed, then met back in the main room.“Are we still on for dinner on Saturday?”“Yes! Would you mind giving Miyu and me a ride to the competition?”“Not at all. I’ll pick you up at your dorm at 6:45am on Saturday.”“Thanks!”I walked her back to her dorm, then headed home for lunch with my dad, my wives, Michelle, and the kids. After we ate, my dad and I went to my study to talk.“Your life seems to have become even more complicated,” my dad.

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