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"Hello?"No answer."Anyone here?"Still nothing.It took me a minute, standing there, before I saw the note taped to the microwave. At the mall, it said... {back by dinnertime. XXX}OK, that was fine. I went back to the diary. I had squirrels, big ones, in my gut. I also had a hard-on in my pants. I turned to the previous page. It had today's date on it.God, it began, I can't believe what I saw!My hands were shaking so hard the diary fell to the table. I stared at it as though it was a live grenade.. I could vaguely recall I had been in that bar, alone, since my beloved husband was tired to join me, so he had gone early to bed, saying he would wait for me.I was there with a couple of girlfriends, when a handsome guy had approached our table. He had grabbed my hand and had dragged me to the dance floor. He had pulled me against his body and I had felt his growing erection rubbing my tiny thong through the thin material of my short dress. After dancing some songs, he had invited me a drink.. . I'm sorry, mother..." Aurry attempted.Again, his mother shook her head as the tears streamed down her face and she looked on her sixteen-year-old son as though he was a stranger. Slowly, she turned and left the room. Aurry followed her to the doorway of the den and watched as she climbed tiredly up the stairs and entered her room without looking back.Aurry was confused. He had fully expected his mother to fly into a rage, but her subdued reaction at finding her two children engaged in an act. She could not holt further and bit my lips for teasing her too long and with her right hand grabbed my dick and guided it in her love hole ant hugged me by my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. Pop! In went my dick and I trusted it harder to which she aahhh mere felbiiii tooo reee aaah u will kill me then she said to rest in that position for some time to adjust the size of my dick and then asked to doit slowly. I started fucking her slowly pulling their entire 8″ out and then pushing.

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