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“Crap, I’ve got to run to the bathroom but I don’t know where it is!” I thought eagerly trying to run from the awkward position I was currentl... in.But before I could get up, Jennifer rushed back in with folded paper towels and began to clean the mess around on the living room table. After she was done she attempted to clean the juiced on my pants, but resisted her attempt.“That’s fine, I can clean it myself, don’t worry.” I assured her.“No, I got juice spilled on you, I’ll clean it up.”She. "There you go Steve, don't you like it?" turning I answered."No I don't!" There's something in your knickers that has a different answer Steve sowhy don't you just admit it and we let you out of your uniform" thinkingto myself I look around and see only the 2 girls so lying won't make adifference and then I am free, talking a deep breath I answered."Fine I like it, can I go now?" both girls burst out laughing when thedoor opened up and more girls came in, most wearing the same uniform. Which was about 3 weeks ago. Over the years Angela has developed two obsessions namely toys and pain...and both were given a full outing.Firstly pain...Angela loves to be spanked...hence my username....but when I say spanked I don't mean the little taps you see on film...I mean a full blown spanking that makes my hands hurt. She gives the order and I oblige...harder and harder until her arse is bright red. She likes to pull her arse cheeks apart while I do this giving me a good view of her. "Mum I thought you wanted last night to happen, in fact I know you did!" That's just it Steven, I did, I really did!She was sobbing against his chest now and her son was getting more confused by the minute."But I thought you enjoyed it!" I enjoyed Frank eating me and I enjoyed licking Pat's bottom, I even enjoyed watching you eating her cunt, but I didn't like seeing you fuck her, I just felt, well I felt cheated somehow" Aw mum"Steven kissed her hair and stroked her tear stained cheek,"Well we.

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