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Oh my god, this was about to happen for the first time. I had dressed up countless times but never had been with a man. I had imagined it, had played ...ith myself using a small cucumber and some lube, but had never had a man. I knew how to prepare for it, and had administered my own mineral oil enema the night before to soften up my “pussy”. I had shaved every speck of hair off of my ass, taint, and around my cock and balls. He authoritatively grabbed me and pulled me up to him to kiss me. As we. ”Sean: “Well, address away, naughty girl.”Vicky: “Well, I realize I have been selfish when we fool around, especially this afternoon. I want to… take care of you…just like you took care of me today. I want you to feel the way I did when you made me…”Sean: “Made you cum?”Vicky: Yes, when you made me cum. Actually, you made me cum so…nicely.”An awkward silence descended on both sides of the phone before…Sean: Hey, Vicky. Listen. There is no pressure. We are cool. You know I love you as you. It must have been close to 105 degrees outside and much hotter in. We spent most of the afternoon riding around in an oven-like cab. I think the heater may even have been stuck in the 'on' position. Aside from the miserable heat, the ride was enjoyable.My partner was Mike, a rather handsome guy with dark hair, brown eyes, a killer smile he was quick to share and a fun personality. I was enjoying both the conversation and the company. I had seen him around the office on occasion but we probably. ” He stood up and strode towards me. Before I could lift my eyes from the floor, he reached out and took one of my exposed nipples between his strong fingers. The pressure was at once arousing, but verging on painful as he squeezed and then tugged me forwards. It was uncomfortable to walk upright, my nipple throbbing and my ass cheeks chaffing against the panties he’d so cruelly jerked up there earlier. He used continued pressure on my nipple to lead me over towards the desk, where I could see.

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