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"During the next month or so, as you bodybegins to transform, we will teach you all you need to know. Beginningtomorrow, we will begin your training.... You will be meeting daily withDr. Candice Abele who will teach you what it is to be a young woman intoday's society. By the time you leave here, it will be as if you wereborn and raised female. You will be a woman in every sense of theword." He could only stare in awe.After another long pregnant pause, "If it helps, some patients that havea. As my teen years progressed, so too did the schoolyard talk about masturbation and sex. I also noticed glimpses of nudity on TV, both in medical shows and in movies. This would be enough to make me horny and if I was by myself, I might even masturbate then and there!There would also be dirty magazines brought to school, and it was an age when internet porn was starting to get talked about. Most women by now (late 90s/early 2000) had less pubic hair in the stuff I was seeing. Perhaps it was a. ‘Sorry, guys. Pardon my French but my ankle hurts like a son of a bitch.’ ‘Hold on, now.’ Clay was calm and soothing. ‘Here, I’m going to move your leg, but just a little and slowly, okay?’ Fern nodded and hissed out a breath. Willow knelt next to her and took her hand. ‘Squeeze if you need to.’ The younger woman nodded her thanks. ‘All right. I don’t think it’s too bad but it is swollen.’ Clay patted Fern on the shoulder. ‘We need to get you back to camp, and we’ll put an icepack on it. Think. The train crawled into the station and with a final squeal and a thump, stopped. I got out with my hand luggage, and farther down the train my suitcase was put out onto the platform from the luggage van. There was a klaxon like hoot from the engine and the train began its slow glide out of the station. No one else had got off or on the train and as the tinted window carriages crept past I was aware of curious passengers staring at my lone figure. I watched the train as its last carriage.

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