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Seeing the dick’s the guards embrassed first. Then shiva said”oh, you guys seen all the things happed there. I think you were enjoyed it very much...��.Then muthu said to me” your mom is hot man. We didn’t fuck like a woman like this”. I didn’t said anything other than looking down wards. Shiva said” we think you guys also wanted to enjoy with her. Is it right?. Suddenly Simon said” yes we want to fuck her, Hearing this i became angry and said” you basterds how dare u say like that”. Then Johnny. .. , Susey Q... , I don't know why but that's what I thought her name would be... , Susey Q. I hoped Susey wouldn't mind. I dumped the food in the boot and opened the door and called her.She sat there and looked at me, her head slightly cocked. I think she was thinking about this new name and was about to call her again when she jumped in and sat on the front seat. I watched her watching me as I walked to my side, her head tracked me the whole way until I was sitting. I didn't know what the law. That was me that you heard.Dan: WHAT? You mean the woman of my fantasies and my dreams has been living right next door all along?Gabby reached around her desk and knocked on the wall 3 times. She chuckled and waited for the return knock.Dan jumped when he heard the knock and knocked back.Dan: HOLY SHIT it IS you. Wow. Umm Now what?Gabby: BRB Give me about 5 mins.Dan: Okay...Gabby ran to her room and changed into the teddy and fishnet stockings that she knew drove Dan to distractions any time. ” I fell next to her and my mouth pounced on hers and she opened her mouth voluntarily. We sucked each other’s tongues, kissed each other mouth repeatedly. I was also telling her repeatedly ‘Amma, Mein tera beta hoon ’ (mommy, I’m your son) All the while my hand was in between her thighs, caressing her moistening cunt and she in turn held my cock in her left hand. We went on like this for some time. She pulled her face away from me and said: “Take Amma’s gown down.” She lifted herself up.

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