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Jahn knew it was her preferred way of expressing her feelings for him, making her feel wanted and showing that she wanted in him in return. But she th...ught he wouldn’t want her anymore? That shocked him, and hurt a little too. Did she think him that shallow? “I don’t understand…” he said, hesitantly, still holding her close. “Why wouldn’t I want you anymore?” “B-because I’ll b-be ugly and fat and-“ the rest was incoherent, but he got the gist. “Jen, it’s just nine months. I’ll spend every day. ‘Then I don’t feel I want to fuck if you don’t want to have a child between us, Peter’ I showed her how we could still have lots of fun anyway, I did something to her which I discovered was also a new experience for her. I massaged her warm pussy in a way which made her whimper and slightly change her mind about not wanting to fuck. And she started to pick up the dirty talk too, telling me what a wonderfully throbbing cock I have and how she loves the earthy taste of it, especially when she. .. and Cord ... and Garrett. They're the men whose opinions matter to me, now. All of that shit from my ex can't hurt me any more. It's just that the wounds were pretty deep. I still need the reinforcement. Thank you."Ginny shooed the guys from her room so she could dress and go to the school to do some massage sessions. Pretending it to be a spontaneous idea, she called out "Say, Cord, Honey, why don't you two come with me. You could catch Tallie at lunch. Think how great it would make her. Her long, thick red hair cascaded over her shoulders, not the artificial red color of her youth, but a natural reddish-brown with a slight curl to it. She had matured well, and stayed in shape, making all of her male co-workers head’s turn whenever she walked by. She loved to tease men with her tits and her shapely rear end, but her preference was for females, ever since she had come out of puberty. She exhaled and crossed her small apartment to her bedroom, turning out lights along the way..

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