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“They just wanted to see their...” She looked startled, for some reason. Then she finished. “Bobby.”Meanwhile Bobby was asking the children if...they’d been good. Both proclaimed loudly that they had, as he lifted them into a more comfortable position, with their legs straddling his sides. Both began talking a mile a minute.“Wait a minute!” he proclaimed. “I have to talk to your mommy,” he said, kissing the boy on the nose. “Then we’ll play, okay?”In a surprising economy of words Bobby explained. I can't suppress my moan of pleasure as she sucks it into her mouth and runs her tongue in slow torturous circles. I arch my back, getting more of my breast into her mouth. She pulls back and smiles. "Thinking about Selene." I stare at her. "N-no." Liar! You're nothing but a fucking slut!" She screams and slashes at my breasts. I scream and I look down at my chest horrified. My right breast is mangled, my left is still intact but splattered with blood. My bleeding is slow and I look at her and. Putting her chest down into the dirt for a better angle, he starts to pound into the silkiness surrounding his cock even harder, as he does, the knot hammers even quicker against the wet lips below. Getting fucked even harder, Melany’s pleasure intensifies, her muscles now eagerly gripping at the thick form inside of her, as if it pull even more of it in. Her mind washing over with feelings of pure bliss, she’s not even aware of how her loud moaning fills the room.Feeling the inviting gripping. He pulls his crotch away from mine, and I first hear his belt come undone, then the zipper slide down, his jeans dropping to the floor. This is always my favorite moment: where I know I'm about to get fucked, but I don't really know anything about the top, or his cock. That momentary mystery is so sexy. He must've been in the store for awhile, getting ready, because immediately after I hear his jeans hit the floor, I can feel his hard cock rubbing up and down my wet ass crack and juicy hole. He.

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