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Each time closer, until the last. Each builds it stronger than the last. She will do this until she loses herself to her “Cock Climax”. Yeah, I am...the lucky one, it’s my cock. I love having the best seat in the house. Jeez, it is my seat she is driving herself down upon, so I fondle her lovely butt and admire her beautiful back, all the while listening to her moan as she tosses her hair back and forth. Jeez, what a delicious vision. She will stretch back, putting her hands back on my chest,. " What about Gwen? She really looks up to you. She admires you, and thinks of you as a friend. This would hurt her a lot, don't you think?" Not if she never knows! I realize I can't compete with Gwen, but you seemed to be pretty happy with my breasts when they were in your face. Admit it, Steve. You like what you see and would love to go to bed with me. Imagine the rush when you slide that big cock into your English teacher," suggested Ashley provocatively. "Think how tight I'll feel. You can. Feel it. Lick it. Enjoy it."Jonas looked closely at the hard, stiff thing. He reached out and ran his fingers along the staff and around the sac. He wrapped his hand around it."Swing around over my head. Let me suck you."Following Ray's command, Jonas's balls were now hanging over Ray's nose. Using both his hands, Ray pulled the dick down and placed the head into his mouth. His tongue wrapped around and licked it. Ray's actions were broad and dramatic. He was putting on a show for me. Ray's. Jasmine pushed her body up to meet me. I gripped her breasts and started a string of short, fast strokes into her. Leaning over, we kissed passionately, she bit down on my bottom lip with one hard thrust. Before I knew it, her body tensed up. Jasmine’s pussy walls clenched my cock. She held my cock deep inside her and screamed out, ‘DAMIEN!!!’ I pulled and twisted her breasts, keeping my cock buried inside her. Her body was going wild, she pulled and grabbed at me too. I rode out her orgasm.

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