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She was surprisingly light in my arms, as I bent her over the desk, never losing contact with her inner folds. As soon as I was sure her feet were on the floor, I released her, and stood upright.Grabbing her hips, I started thrusting in and out of her, matching my rhythm to the base of the fast paced song that was now playing. It turned me on to see her tits mashed against my desktop, bulging out at her sides, as I pounded her further and further up my desk, until her thighs finally. .. I don’t know, I usually just make myself some chicken and rice with veggies when I’m at Vin’s. I’m not too picky?” Will ran a hand through his hair. I’ll have to spend some time coming up with dishes for her to cook so this doesn’t happen again.Alaina pursed her lips. “Hm...” She tapped a finger on her lips. “Chicken, rice, vegetables...”“Are you sure your Class isn’t really [Chef] or something?”“Will, people used to do stuff just fine without Classes and Skills. Bring over that bowl with. . much bigger that Rick’s.Jack stopped mid sentence and raised an eyebrow, “You OK?” he asked.But he knew what happened. Despite her sunglasses, Jack knew she was admiring his bulge and how his cock began to become engorged as he thought of his new friend sitting across from him. It couldn’t be helped, he thought. Jenna’s milky skin, which was only just beginning to show a rosy pink from being in the sun a little too long, was flawless.While he discussed some rather mundane topics, he was. There was a voice over a speaker system announcing that Train-8205 had now arrived from Denver. Isabelle and A'moth walked out of a women's restroom a short distance away, and we all casually carried our bags to a nearby long-term parking lot and a waiting car.A'moth drove. We were soon heading east on I80, the setting sun to our backs. Isabelle had her face pressed to the window, gazing at all the new scenery. The car was a recent model, a 2009 Ford. Nothing flashy though, a simple sedan....

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