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She is about 30 years old. She looks very pretty. She has a awesome body- Broad arms, thick fleshy body and shaking big breasts. She wears only salwar...kameez every time she delivers flowers she used to smile at me. Her smile made me crazy about her. I badly wanted her nude on my bed.One day when she came to deliver flowers, it was raining. I asked her to come in and wait till the rain stops. She was waiting in the living room. As soon as she came in I tried to get closer to her. So I started. Albeit, sexy in that creepy, fire and brimstone, end of days, eternal damnation way. But, nonetheless, you are smoking hot. I would most definitely do you. For the record, I didn't sneak a peek; I was curious as to what a demon's cunt looks like. You can't blame me for being curious, right?”She snarled and snaked her bifurcated tongue out of her mouth. It was seven inches long, bright pink in color and glistened under the light. She ran her tongue across my left cheek. It felt cold on my skin.. But this time she lowered herself down and in one quick motion rolled me over and got me on top. “Now mother fucker, fuck me until you squirt you load into me, and don’t hold back”. I started thrusting deep into her cunt, savoring each time as I hit her hard. I was almost out of air but kept pushing, feeling my balls tighten and then explode. One last thrust and I saw stars.Ms Oh was softly kissing me when I came to. She told me I collapsed on her and once she regained a bit of strength. Her hands are pretty, soft, smooth, tender,delicate, and well manicured. She has careful hands likethose of a nurse.Her steely green eyes freeze me in position, like a deerin headlights. She calls herself a Dom. She enjoys makingme cry. The fun for her is to get control of thesituation. The fun for me is to have her take charge andgive me my very therapeutic orgasms, which I never get athome anymore. My job is to excite her!! Oh beautiful MamaDom –she’s so exciting!On one of our.

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