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"I will tell you what he is - a bastard!" Her voice was getting louder, shriller. "And my daughter is completely under his power. Isn't see?"I simply ...odded, but that seemed to be enough to fuel her fire. "Rhonda caught me... years ago, before you two met... I ended it right after, but it will kill her father if he finds out!"Whoa, what was I hearing - that Emily had an affair, caught by Rhonda and... and what? The fact that she had an affair is startling enough! I could also guess that rather. His cock was near her vagina now as he touched the puffy lips of her vulva with his cock head.“Ohh…” groaned Vela.And he pushed inside till his aroused cock was inside the silken pouch. Vela bent over to take his penis more inside. Her face had an expression of pure lust.Chand increased the pace of his thrusts inside her pussy. He gave her long strokes, fully stretching her walls now. He slapped her ass cheeks repeatedly while continuing the rampage of her soft pussy.“Please be rough with me,”. The cloth I just tore from you is hanging from a bush in easy reach. I grab it and wrap it around the tree, binding your wrists there. You could get away, but the message is clear and you don’t struggle any more. Another thrust and you whimper, ‘Daddy I….’ I growl, ‘No Daddy right now girl.’ But I withdraw a little, and slide back in gently. You hook your leg around me and I’m having you. Sure deep deliberate strokes. It seems endless. I go on and on as I ravage your neck, your shoulders and. ’ The whole fraternity would come over to the girl’s sorority house dressed in tuxes and serenade the girl, with all her sisters around her on the porch. The brother doing the pinning would be dressed in white tie and tails. The girls all wore formals, and the girl being pinned would wear a new white one, almost like a wedding dress. The brothers would practice the songs for weeks. If it was a good fraternity and sorority, people would come from all over campus just to watch,’ she said.

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