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"Mickey was in the pool, her head between the blonde's legs and a fully erect penis in her mouth, I'd never seen anything like it before, I was absolu...ely mesmerized,"Hi Dave" the blonde laughed, "I'm Cherie and I'm sorry if I'm not quite what you expected" She held out a well manicured hand, her voice was feminine, her breasts were full and firm and her body was flawless, my sister was obviously well taken with her as Angie was with Cherie's girlfriend in the pool."You've met Linda" Angie took. Mark looked around for a moment like he was afraid the neighbors were watching, and then back at my almost nude body I flaunted in front of him. “Uh…yeah, I guess I can hang out for little while.” He followed me in the house, now with a raging boner that begged to be released. “Do you mind helping me in my bedroom for a minute?” I gave him a seductive smile, or at least tried to. And it appeared to work because he nodded and followed me to my room. I had no idea when Trevor would be. Leaning back and moaning a little, I had felt his erection against my ass. Instead of grinding my ass against him, I had looked over to the two boys on the couch. I had motioned for one of them to come over. He did. I reached up and grabbed his belt. He had had a puzzled look. I pulled him closer and then unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. Pushing them down, I had pulled his cock out. Caleb had continued to grind against my ass and grope my boobs. I had had the boy's cock in my hand. . She screamed into the gag, her cunt convulsed. Travis grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked her head back, then jammed the last inch of his cock as deep into her as he could, rising up on his own toes. Alice screamed as hard as she could but nothing came out except a long grunt. The long strings of drool dripped from her chin down onto her tits to mix with the sweat that already covered her breasts. Yet the clamps would not let go, even now a tiny trickle of blood oozed from her left.

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