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It seemed to go on forever, but all too soon it was over, Nina could see that the color of her nanny’s face had gone pink to the dreadful parlor of ...ead white. The figure then dropped her as so much dead meat, to thump on the floor.It may have been the sound of that sound that drew her father to her room as he crashed through her door. Seeing the stranger and somehow recognizing its danger he tried to bring up his silver cross, but he was too late. Fixed in the burning red gaze, he dropped the. I knew what he wanted, and I didn’t hesitate to dip my head forward and wrap my soft wet lips around his semi-hard cock. His hands grabbed the sides of my head and he threw his head back with a loud groan when my cheeks hollowed and drew half his length deep within my mouth. I am a pro at sucking cock, it is my specialty. I quickly had him out of control, fucking my mouth.“Oh yeah, baby, suck it. You are so fucking good at this,” Brad moaned while thrusting his hips, and I grunted with a mouth. She didn’t know it, but in that moment I told her I loved her, only problem is my tongue was inside her lips. Both of us coming down from our orgasms we laid in my now messy bed, in each other’s naked arms, not talking. We were together and as close as is possible in more ways than one. …John:It was time for my ‘date’ with Elizabeth. I got to her apartment around three o’clock. I knocked on the door. “Hi, John” Elizabeth said, opening the door. She stood in the doorway completely naked, her. Go away. Since the events of ‘Milestones’ I’ve had a couple of screwed up relationships which were built on my poor choice of men and my poor choices in general. I was on that road to recovery and it was a rocky road, indeed. So after a couple years of devout celibacy this last October I had a fling with a married man and I flat out enjoyed it. It was so completely wrong and I enjoyed it. I have no regrets. It turns out that he and his wife are into poly and after a few tentative ‘dates’ we.

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