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" Bloody hell Fred, if I'd got the sort of money to pay cash for it, I'd be on a bloody beach in the Bahamas!"I told him about mum and dad's and that the house was ours now, lock stock and barrel."We'd have to borrow some money of course, but that wouldn't be any sort of a problem at all." Well I suggest that you make a few inquiries David, 'cos I'm ready when you are mate." and with that, he ambled off to serve a few customers waiting patiently at the bar.We strolled back to. “Let the Protective Service worry about that for now. We’ll have enough questions to answer shortly. Listen, this thing is a lot bigger than you are aware of. Don’t say anything or tell anyone about what happened, or what we saw at the house. The DO will get things taken care of. I’m meeting with him and the Director in a few minutes. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, and I’ll see you tomorrow,” Hill told his long time assistant. They each had another stiff drink before leaving the. Our mothers fussed over us and we had to tell the story yet again. We had just finished up when Candace and the officer returned. Candace was smiling.“It seems the fourth boy sobered up enough to recall what really happened. They’re taking his statement now. I believe we are free to go, correct Officer Timmons?”The officer nodded. “I’m sorry about the way this played out. I’m glad you weren’t hurt, Paul, but you might want to get that hand checked out.”We left as quickly as possible. Janet. “Man, you really are one sick fuck, aren’t you?”, one of them asked. “Let’s just say I have anger issues with my mother," I said. The next night, around dark, I told mom I was going to bed early. After I had been in my room for about half an hour it was pretty dark. I flashed the light half a dozen times and waited. It took around twenty minutes until I heard quite a commotion as they stormed into the den where mom was watching T.V. She screamed briefly, then was muffled by the guys. I.

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