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"I placed my fingers under her gaze. Milen grabbed my wrist, turned it around as she scrutinized the ring. Satisfied, she let go of my wrist and said,..."Eudaimonia, blessed happiness. A disguise for the fools. I know its true name, I have used it before. Come then, Mother will know what to do with it."As she turned to leave, I couldn't help but ask, "Are we going to leave her like this?"Milen responded with a glare that withered my confidence, almost bringing me to the point of tears. Then I. A deadbolt for a door going from inside the house to a basement with no door outside was paranoid wasn't it?Jennifer worked in the house, forty hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, she was the confidential assistant to William Carter, the famous mystery writer. She had been working for Bill for six months, since she had been hired in November, and other than a few details, loved her job. Probably because she had fallen in love with Bill minutes after meeting him. Her attempts to flirt. Matt Brown stumbled groggily to the front door wondering who in hell could be ringing his doorbell at two in the morning. He opened the door to find Bob Brandt standing on his doorstep."Bob! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Atlanta."Matt was so surprised at seeing Bob that he never saw the right cross that sent him tumbling to the floor. Bob stepped inside and kicked the door shut behind him."Why am I supposed to be in Atlanta Matt? To take care of legitimate business or to. But she does well." Yeah," Brindy said. "She gets into it. She asked Mister Garland if he'd give her some leaves off his banana tree so she could make tamales. Then she brought him a plate of 'em."Carlita's head popped around the corner. "You're talking about me and I am not there to defend myself," she laughed."We're saying good things," Brindy countered. "Talking about your cooking."The ringing of the doorbell announced the arrival of Pat for dinner.We were safe together, two unconventional.

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