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Her hair tickled his chest as she moved lower and he could feel her warm breath as she neared his balls. He was glad he had recently shaved them as he...felt her take one into her mouth and gently suck on it. The sensation drove him wild and he ran his fingers through her thick hair and gently pushed her head down as she continued to suck it. She switched to the other one and he groaned with pleasure. After a few more moments, she broke away and then began to lick up the length of his cock,. " How old are you Melissa? You don't look old enough to be out of school yet." I'm nineteen. I skipped a grade then tested out halfway through my senior year. Dad was going to send me to college at his old school but that kind of went away when he and mom died." I was going to watch the baby for her while she went to community college this year. My brother didn't have any insurance and neither did the illegal alien who killed him, so she has been scraping by." And why are you retired so early. My body was dripping with sweat as I drained my last drop into her ass. My hands had been around her waist, pulling her tight to me. I could feel the moisture on her skin as well. She collapsed onto the bed as my cock slid out of her cum dripping ass. As she turned over her fabulous tits came into view. The ambient light made them look even more inviting. Without hesitation I lay on top of her and began sucking her sweet nipples once again. It wasn’t long before my cock was hardening again.. “What is that?” I asked. “Plankton. The moonlight makes the glow.” “It’s beautiful.” I began to move my arms too, and we giggled like little girls for a while. Suddenly Paola was behind me and I felt her hands cup my breasts. Then her mouth was close to my ear and she whispered, “is it OK?” “Mm, it is.” My nipples grew hard under her touch and then one of her hand moved down over my tummy and down to my pussy where she pressed a finger against my clit. “I think I will drown,” I said. .

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