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A dark figure moved over to block the sun. It spoke with another, I could not make out what was being said, then I was out again. The sound of voices ...ntered my head again. I slowly opened my eyes and there stood a tall woman. She had auburn colored hair and was sporting a summer like tan. "Hey Nicole! He's coming to!" she yelled."Well hello there, thought we were going to lose the day" Nicole said as she walked into the room..I attempted to speak, but my head was still in a fog. I tried to sit. Toh main uske boobs ko chuste chuste apna lund under bahar kar raha tha, fir main utha aur uski dono fairo ko apne kandhe liye aur apne ghutne me beth gaya aur jor jor se chodne laga.Thodi der bad main use pairo ko failaya aur apne lund ko rekha ki chut me under bahar karte huwe dekh dekh kar jor jor se chodne laga. Karib 10minute aise hi chodne ke bad ab main jhadne wala tha, toh maine socha ki use puch lu ki kaha nikalo, fir socha, bechari ka pehela chudai hai under hi dal deta hu, maine apni. She felt totally exposed at her rear and could feel a slight breeze passing around the top of her thighs, cooling her down. She shivered.They blindfolded her. This panicked her as she couldn’t see what they doing or what was going to happen. She felt hands on her hips, caressing her tight ass. She felt a body against the back of her thighs and realised she was going to be raped from behind. She was mistaken. A cock started to push into her ass. ?Oh Jesus NO!! Not that.? she screamed. They all. He was older and far wiser and knew that stealing often ended up badly, especially when it was magical items that you stole. He looked down at the last item he had ever stolen. A mage had been carrying it and for all of the years that it had been in Lance’s possession he had yet to discover its true purpose or how to unlock its power.It was just a simple necklace. A leather sash with an intricate clawed hand hanging from it grasping what appeared to be a pink transparent marble. Whenever he had.

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