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" Don't worry, Daddy. I'll make you very happy." Did you shave off that patch of hair above your little peepee, like I asked you to?" Of course I did,...Daddy. And now my peepee looks just like it used to, back when I was much younger. Not a single hair left on it anywhere. I promise." Excellent! So now, there'll be nothing to hide my view."Sally effortlessly switched back to her normal adult voice, and abruptly ended her "little girl mode" by saying, "Wow, that sounds pretty creepy, Carl." I'll. "Good," said Milla, "No real differences there. And what there are, simply reflect who could see what from where they were standing. Let's go to lunch and we'll chat about what to do next."We repaired to a local pub. Good food, good beer, and set out with booths that would allow us a degree of privacy."I'm not letting the bitch get away with this Milla. I don't give a flying fiddlers fuck about keeping up appearances or anything else. I am going to fuck her life big style." I opened."Whilst I. “Now you do the rest.” One of her hands moved down and began fondling her clit.I thrust forward, smoothly burying my cock in her up to the hilt. I stopped for a moment, breathing hard.“Fuuuuuukkk,” Kate warbled, her ass and legs quivering. “Ok… ok…” she mumbled, gathering her thoughts and steadying herself. I began gently fucking her from behind, as her fingers fluttered lightly over her clit.“Yes… yes…yes…yes…” she chanted, matching my thrusts with her own backward movements. We settled. Ma pinni intlo lanpudu bra inka panty tho nenu kottukunevadini , okasaari ma pinni kotha panty konindhi nenu aa kotha panty meeda koncham hp vesi alage pettesa ma pinni ki teliyaali ani , kaani maa pinni ki em dout raledhu , chaala close ga undevaalam kaani apudu em chepaledu malla relations pothai ani,study aipoyaaka oka 1 year inti daggare unna nenu,apudu ela aina ma pinni ni dengalani anukunna final ga success aiyya ,E mottam story lo naku oka friend help chesindi , naku oka software friend.

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