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I didn't have to work today. So I was home trying to get everything ready for tonight. I wanted to make it an romantic experience for both of us. She going to be home from work in about fifteen minutes. Her sister was watching the kids so we had the house all to our self. I lit some scented candles around the house. They gave the house a cinnamon smell. I didn't care much for that smell but she loved it. I made the bed in some new red sheets I got today. I also put a trail of rose petals. They are much tighter than she had bargained for. Sweaty panic sets in.She would writhe around, the knee-length skirt of her cleaners’ uniform riding up on her thighs. She imagines the guests coming back and finding her there, catching her in the act, pleased that she took the bait, ready to exploit her self-inflicted helplessness.As she drapes the delicate thong, garters, garter belt and silk stockings over the back of a chair in order to vacuum the floor, she imagines herself stepping out of. Up till now, Wendy's Christmases had been strong on the giving of thanks with little rejoicing, and her delight at each new surprise helped us all to see once again the wonder of the season.Boxing Day at the Denures' was every bit as exciting as I could have hoped for!Mike had picked up Linda and Julie, and had swung around to pick up Father Ed who had also been invited. Tom and Rita arrived with Einstein.We could have opened a liquor store with the bottles exchanged between Robert and Mike and. -Yes Ms boss.-Yes MS boss.As Ms boss got into that hot leather corset that showed her tits and her big dick she told me to get that weird gag and put my balls into the "handcuff".I obeyed and as she asked me to strap on the straps behind Slave S head I relised what the gag whas for. The straps held the gag onto slave S head and with my balls in the by me called "handcuff" my balls where in her mouth and slave S had nu choice but to please my balls until someone set her free. Slave S was on her.

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